Jeo WordPress Theme acts as a geojournalism platform which allows news organizations, bloggers and NGOs to publish news stories as layers of information on digital maps. With Jeo, creating the interaction between data layers and contextual information is much more intuitive and interactive. The theme is ready for multilingual content and facilitates the publishing tasks. […]


MapKnitter ( is a free and open source tool for combining and positioning images (often from in geographic space into a composite image map. Known as “orthorectification” or “georectification” to geographers, this step covers the process of figuring out where images can be placed on an existing map, and how they can be combined, or […]


OpenRefine is a standalone open source desktop application for data cleanup and transformation to other formats, the activity known as data wrangling. It is similar to spreadsheet applications (and can work with spreadsheet file formats), however, it behaves more like a database. It operates on rows of data which have cells under columns, which is very […]


TileMill is a tool for cartographers to quickly and easily design maps for the web using custom data. It is built on the powerful open-source map rendering library Mapnik – the same software OpenStreetMap and MapQuest use to make some of their maps. TileMill enables you to load data from a wide range of sources to and then to orderand layer your sources […]


Ushahidi is a crowdsourcing software which can be installed and customized. It receives reports via direct submissions on the website, but also connects to mobile apps and SMS plataforms, such as Frontline. Crowdmap (on its Classic version) acts with the same functionalities of Ushahidi but with its dashboard and database hosted in the cloud. Most […]

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